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This page is found by couples of silly guys who believe in beauty with consciousness. And we all agree:

Please accept the fact that your at home SK II - though feel good on skin - not gonna help to remove the terrible melasma marks. Neither are your Lancome, Estee Lauder nor $500 La Cream.

Please face the fact that melasma and acne are skin diseases. Using expensive over the counter cosmetics is like going to gym which usually beneficial for your health but 100% cannot treat disease. In stead, you meed medical grade product or drug or:

Hydroquinone for melasma
Tretinoin for acne and aging skin

Please understand though the ingredients may appear to be the same, the suppliers for those ingredients, the technology behind, the quality of manufacturers, the art of formula... all most everything is not the same. With high-quality suppliers you get closer to what state on the packaging. Never forget even 0.1% difference in terms of ingredients creates huge results that we do not dare to dream.


Medical level products are only treasure in the right hand of dermatologists and experts and potentially trash for your skin if not well-managed.

This is our story about curated trash and treasure platform

So honey, please tell us what you need, and we offer a treasure solution!

Trash and treasure team!!!